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Bedding Plants.Our bedding plants are grown from seeds  Stokes Seeds and from plugs (cuttings) in our own greenhouses. Many of these plants are "Proven Winners" ensuring that the varieties we use in our baskets and sell to our customers are vigorous, healthy and vibrant. Also this year, we have a selection of "Budget" basket stuffers at very reasonable prices.

Bulbs and small fruits. Flower bulbs, vegetable bulbs, onion sets and seed potatoes will be available in early spring as well as an impressive selection of small fruits.  (Van Noort Bulb Co Ltd.).

Fertilizers.We stock a selection of fertilizers ranging from general purpose fertilizers such as 6-8-6 and 20-20-20 to more specialized rose food (6-10-8), vegetable and tomato food (6-8-16 or 15-15-30) and flower plant food (15-30-15) as well as organic fertilizers to meet all of your requirements for growing healthy plants. (See "services" for more information about fertilizers).

Fruit trees. We have a good choice of healthy and vigorous bare-root fruit trees.

Gift certificates. We have gift certificates available in a variety of denominations.

Hanging Baskets. Our unique hanging baskets bring delight to the streets of several of our local communities and will beautify your home. See much more about hanging baskets under "Services". See pictures under Photo Album, "Hanging Baskets" 

Houseplants. We stock a selection of attractive and healthy houseplants that will grace your home (Burnaby Lake Greenhouses td.).

Perennials. We have wide selection of outstanding perennials (Valleybrook Gardens Ltd.). Our friendly staff will be pleased to help you decide which plants will be suitable for different sites in your garden.

Roses. We receive a great selection of ``Bare Root Roses`` in early spring, supplied by Pan American Nursery. In 2017 we also have David Austin roses and Weeks roses from Van Noort Bulb Co Ltd. These roses will be ready for planting directly into the ground. Shop early for the best selection. Later these roses will be available, growing in pots, when you may see them in bloom. For valuable information about the care and pruning of roses see the articles ("A Rose Growers Calendar" and "Spring Time and Pruning Roses") under "rose features" on the  Vancouver Rose Society website and read about pruning your roses with a hedge trimmer!!   A list of bare root roses we have obtained this year, is to be found on our Roses for 2017 page. You can view pictures of each of these roses and read more about them in the Pan American  Nursery or the Van Noort Co Ltd catalogues.

Seeds. We have a modest selection of packaged seeds.

Shrubs. A wide selection of shrubs and trees will also arrive in the spring.

Soils. We keep variety of soils for planting and enriching your garden soil.

Tools and Equipment. We keep only a limited number of garden tools but do have some essentials such as hoses and gloves.

Vegetable Plants. We are known for the quality of our vegetable plants which we grow from seed supplied from West Coast Seeds and Stokes Seeds. This enables us to offer these plants at very reasonable prices.




Greenhouse at Retail Centre, May 5, 2016.

 Bedding plants and baskets


Large mixed basket, Retail Centre, May 5, 2016.


Large mixed basket, Retail Centre, May 5, 2016


"Colour Bowl", Retail Centre, May 5, 2016

Assorted planters, Retail Centre, May 5, 2016

Bedding plants - Begonias, May 5, 2016